A New Site And More!

Welcome to the new site!

Until now I’ve been hosting sites on two servers and it’s getting time to get rid of one of them. I could have moved the old site he-… no, that’s not entirely true. Someone probably could have moved the original site to this new site, however I would most likely have made a complete mess of things if I tried it. So I decided to start with a fresh slate instead. It’s important to know one’s limits.

So you don’t care about stuff like that, you wanna know, when’s the next book coming out? I’ve been asked this a lot lately and here’s the latest news:

The sequel to In Times Of Trouble is about half done. I’ll be starting Chapter Nine next week.

I will readily confess to being the King of Procrastination. However while progress was really steaming ahead on the sequel, the truth is I wasn’t 100% happy with the direction it was going in.

The next book is going to be a little different. Namely, I’m focused more on the characters and the psychological impact of what they’ve been through. Remember, these folks have been through Hell and now they’ve had time for that to impact them in so many ways.

Because of this, the writing has been a little more difficult. I began to feel like I was writing “filler” to get to the next plot point. The story, and more importantly, you the readers, deserve better than that. So I took a BIG step back from writing to let things settle down in my life so I could focus on this better. Now that Summer is here, writing will be my day job, and will commence in earnest. It is my hope to have the first draft done by September.

When will the book be released? Rather than paint myself into a corner with a deadline, I’ll make sure this book is as good, hell, hopefully better, than the first. And only then will I release it. It’s vital to me that I deliver only my absolute best to you, the reader.

So my friends, stay tuned to this site and to my Facebook page for updates or just to keep in touch.

Have a wonderful Summer,


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